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Sunday 25 September 2016

I've had a break...You May Have Noticed.

I see it is almost a month since my last blog post and I will tell you why.
It's not because I have lost interest or anything like that; it's been mainly because of some health issues which I think are now resolved. I had a bout of 'walking pneumonia' (like Hilary Clinton had supposedly). I had been feeling rather tired and lacking in physical energy, not mental energy, my brain is always running along quite fast. Then one afternoon, whilst driving to visit my son in Najac, I discovered a barrel-shaped lump in my neck, hard and about an inch long. EVERYONE TOLD ME TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE DOCTOR and so I did the next morning to be sent for blood tests and was started on a course of strong antibiotics and told to return after a few days of rest. When I did my GP told me I had had a serious infection but that the antibiotics were doing their job and that more rest was advised. So I took it easy, no choice really as I still felt whacked out. Slowly I felt better but I must admit I still feel less fit than before.
What else came out of the blood test was that my diabetes was less under control than it had been. I had got fed up of constantly pricking my fingers to test my sugar level and so had taken a break from doing so: I knew I could tell if my sugar level was too high....sweating being a good clue, and too low....feeling a bit wobbly, so I felt that was enough. But, having seen the results I am now back to a more rigid regime, testing my blood sugar at least three times a day and adjusting my insulin intake if necessary.
Now, I had been planning a driving trip down through Spain and across to Morocco for a grand tour with two or three friends (and my dog). I was to have left this weekend. But, in view of my health problems, I decided to cancel it and just go on a drive to the Southern Alps and the Piedmont in Italy. I'm now back home and settling back to my normal life. I'm rehearsing with two bands and have at least one concert coming up soon. I have a few visitors as well coming up this month and a great Reggae and Dub festival at the end of October. We still have great weather so long country walks with Leo my dog should be able to continue and, with a mate, Alan another retired Brit, looking for a house with garden to rent, partly to save some money and partly so my dog can be mainly outside which is what he prefers.
But this will also mean more time to write blog posts, at least two or three a week. My next trip away is to Edinburgh to spend a week with my other son Sam, in Edinburgh in mid-November which will no doubt give me some new material.
My next post will be about my short holiday away which finished two days ago and will contain quite a few photos of beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, gorges and some sea too.
Following that I will return to my story of LASTWIND's tour supporting HAWKWIND in 2006.
So, I hope my many readers will drift back and continuing reading my blog.